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Star Crystal, formed in Ukraine in 2012 by Susanna Radimovskaya, the talented vocalist of the band, delivers a high-energy, larger-than-life sound inspired by the legends of 80's glam metal. With a theatrical stage presence and electrifying guitar solos, Star Crystal has quickly become one of the hottest acts in the modern glam metal scene.

Hailing from the birthplace of 80's glam metal, Star Crystal is dedicated to bringing the spirit of the genre to a new generation of fans. Under the leadership of Susanna Radimovskaya, the band's powerful vocals, driving beats, and fist-pumping anthems have won over audiences at venues across the country, earning them the respect of fans and fellow musicians alike.

The band's discography includes two albums, "Follow Me" and "Revival of Glam", as well as two hit singles "Come On Baby" and "Wild Wind" and 7 music videos. Star Crystal has also embarked on successful tours throughout Europe, including performances in Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, and Italy.

The members of Star Crystal are Susanna on vocals, Alex on guitar and backing vocals, Eugene on bass and backing vocals, Eli on keyboards and backing vocals, and Max on drums. So if you're ready for a wild night of leather, denim, and rocking out, come join Star Crystal as they bring the 80's glam metal experience to a new generation of fans.